acid music


As DNA strings consist of solely four elements (A, C, G & T) I have been encoding the DNA for various plants in the garden into their respective Amino Acid sequences.  There are twenty Amino Acids and so there is a wider variation of data, and the result is something that sounds more musical. 

In order to help decide which amino acids should be assigned to which notes, I have ordered them according to their molecular weight (Trp, Tyr, Arg, Phe, His, Met, Glu, Lys, Gln, Asp, Asn, Leu, Ile, Cys, Thr, Val, Pro, Ser, Ala & Gly) with the heaviest being the lowest notes and lightest the higher notes.  As regards the notes themselves, I have been assigning these to musical scales from the country of origin of each plant.

Here is an example midifile for the Japanese Maple Tree (Acer Palmatum) with each Amino Acid assigned to a note on the Yona Nuki Minor Scale.


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