audio box


The sound for the installation will be ‘played’ from a specially made audio box capable of playing and amplifying four synchronised channels of audio to be sent to the loudspeakers around the pond.  The device turns on and automatically begins playing when the garden’s electricity is turned on in the mornings, and then loops until the power is switched off.

The compositions are designed to be listened to ambiently, i.e., at a volume level that is in balance with the garden’s natural soundscape.   In total I have composed four pieces that take their inspiration from four of the plants around the pond: acer palmatum (Japanese Maple Tree), arundinaria murielae (Umbrella Bamboo), halesia carolina (Silverbell Tree) and gunnera manicata (Gunnera).  The compositions draw from genetic material derived from the relevant plant species and are arranged pairs, separated by a fifteen minute silence.  In total, the looped composition is one hour in length. 


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